In celebration of Happy Plugs turning 5 on 23rd of September we would like to share 5 exciting facts along the Happy journey!

1. How Happy Plugs started. 

– Happy Plugs was born at the end of 2011 when Andreas was looking for a pair of pink headphones for his girlfriend. When he didn’t have any luck, he finally took the matter in his own hands – and painted a pair of headphones himself. And she loved them! He then realized there was a gap in the market and there was room for well-designed, affordable headphones that went beyond functionality. From this belief, Happy Plugs was born.


2. Love-cable

– The heart shaped cable has been designed and shipped all the way from Sweden, the small country in the northern parts of scandinavia, where lingonberries grow and the sun never sets in the summer. The Happy Plugs charge and sync cable is more than just another cable on the market. the story goes back to 2012 when i created the heart shaped love cable packaging as my very own celebration of love for my fiancee at the time, caroline. Andreas Vural, Founder of Happy Plugs.


3. Ultra thin

– 3 years ago Happy Plugs launched its color collection of smartphone Ultra Thin case, the first ones in the market. These cases was made in thirteen different colors that match the brand’s range of headphones. The case weighs only 3 grams and is 0.4 mm thick to give a stylish and slim impression, while being shock absorbing and protective against scratches and dirt.


4. 18 carat gold

– Happy Plugs is the first Swedish company to design exclusive headphones in 18-carat solid gold. A Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, is hand crafting each pair and can be ordered at

The headphones in 18-carat solid gold is molded into the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry.


5. Putting Sweden on the map 

In 2015 a Happy Plugs product sold every 30 seconds in every corner of the world. Happy Plugs is available worldwide in over 70 countries and 6000 stores.