Meet David Levin, art director, photographer, skateboarder and the creator behind Happy Plugs logo. We met him in Stockholm to talk more about Happy Plugs logo.

How did the brief look like?
– The assignment was to first develop a logo that would enhance and complement the package in a balanced way.The logo would, in the first phase to be adapted to work in print, on the box, line, etc.. There were also more concrete directives about the fonts character.

Describe the creative work.
– After a few hours of research I began to look at different typographic expression, parallel with different types of graphical supplement that could be used in the design language. The graphic elements and typography was mounted in different applications to test the design’s viability in various respects. About 30 fonts became 5 and a variety of design traces of their respective typographic expression.
I then presented five design visions for the Happy Plugs team. After consultation with the team, they selecteded design vision that was farthest away from the brief, which supports the theory that you may not always know what you want. But we agreed on this and both were satisfied.

What sort of results are now 1 year later?
– Feels great to see the logo ‘in action’ and I’m psyched on continue developing quality communication for Happy Plugs.