Happy Plugs is born and raised in Stockholm Sweden and the Swedishness is present in all our products. Let us tell you how:


Our stylish Love Cable is 2 meter long and there are plenty of reasons for that. Swedes are tall and should be able to stand straight while charging. The Swedes also like to keep a distance to each other and not get too close to anyone, so a distance of 2 meter is perfect and a good guideline to remember if ever visiting Sweden.

Earbud is our first product ever, has a traditional look and is always the safe choice if you are unsure. Earbud is very much like a Swede, that goes with rather safe than sorry, that in general do tend not to be bold and loud. Swedes love to be “lagom” – just about enough, not too little and not too much. Lagom is according to Swedes the perfect amount.

Swedes love to be stylish but also very practical and safe. This is ultimately combined in Happy Plugs as well as in other world known brands as Volvo. Protect yourself in a Volvo, like Zlatan and Robyn, and your precious phone with a Happy Plugs case, like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.

Our Sound Piece is amazing, just like Ikea, and you can module it yourself and easily change the looks of it. Just turn on the Sound Piece whilst serving a brewed cup of coffee and a “kanelbulle” (cinnamon bun) for the everyday Swedish fika and you’ll be just like a Swede.