Strawberry cake, friends and family, all night dancing and lots of food. How fantastic does that sound? In Sweden we have a special holiday and we call it Midsummer. We have made the ultimate guide for you to join the celebrations of Midsummer like a true Swede.

A short guide on what you need to bring to a Swedish Midsummer party:

Raincoat – Mosquito spray – Your friends and family – Alcohol  – Your best mood

How to celebrate midsummer:

Outfit   Let’s go all in summer theme. The dresscode for the ladies is bright colors, flower prints and white clothing. The guys are supposed to suit up but in a more casual, relaxed way, this is the perfect time for your linen suit. Our Happy Plugs accessories is a great compliment to brighten up your Midsummer outfit.

The Midsummer flower wreath   The flower wreath is mostly for the girls but usually ends up on the boys heads at the end of the night. Basically you just pick a bunch of flowers and leaves and tie them together to a crown-like headpiece that will go perfect to your outfit.

The food   As many holidays, Midsummer evolves around food and we eat – a lot! You start with a lunch of pickled herring, egg halves with fish roe, Swedish meatballs and fresh potatoes. The fun thing with the holiday menus are that they are all pretty much the same, it dosen’t matter if it’s Easter, Christmas or Midsummer – you will still eat the same thing. Might seems a bit strange but in Sweden we love it and always long for this traditional food!

The Swedish Snaps   Here you have to be a bit careful, otherwise you will get too drunk and wont last all day and night. The snaps is booze that’s spiced up whit different flavours, you will probably think it tastes horrible, but you get used to it. Whatever you do, don’t confuse it with the German schnapps, people might get offended. One of the snaps flavours are called Aquavit which means “the water of life” – so enjoy.

Sing-alongs   Together with the snaps you sing songs. So to make sure that everyone around the table sings along you hand out a song book with all the snaps songs. The lyrics are often quite dirty or dosen’t make sense at all, so don’t get surprised if you don’t really get the point of the songs. No one does. Here’s one example:

“Chug it down, Sing ‘hup-de-la-la-la-loo-lah-lay’, chug it down, Sing ‘hup-de-la-la-lah-lay, And he who doesn’t chug it down, then he won’t get the other half either, chug it dowwwwn…”. I think you get the point!

Dancing around the maypole   After lunch is served and you have had your first couple of snaps it’s time to dance around the maypole. It’s probably not the type of dance that you are used to but it’s very simple and you just have to look at a youtube video one time to get it. The different dances are called names like “The little Frog”, “We are musicians” or “The priest’s little crow”.

The cake   OMG you have to serve this if you want to be like a real Swede. It’s so sweet that you might get a little nausea after eating too much, but it’s so worth it. You don’t need tons of ingredients, just whipped cream, meringue or sponge cake and Swedish strawberries.

7 flowers under the pillow   Now it’s time for bed and its probably still light outside since the sun never sets around midsummer. Before you get into bed you should pick seven different flowers to put under your pillow. The legend says that if you do – you will dream about the one you will marry.

If you want to see how it’s all done, check out this video: