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They're comfortable, elegant. I absolutely love them.

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - Gold

Works fine but too large

Sound is good, they are easy to operate, but uncomfortable because they are too big and fall out of my ear.

Not for talking

Way okay for listening to music, but absolutely no one I talk to can hear what I say when I’m on the phone. The response I got was “it’s like your in a constant tunnel” “far away” “we can hear all the surroundings but your voice” this even when I used them indoors without people around. Sadly not very great costumer support and I have to except and regret this purchase. If you only wanna listen to music they’re fine, and very stylish! But if you wanna be able to answer the phone it’s a no-go.

Fast delivery, Perfect sound

Perfect for both listen music and very clear and loud for phone call

I have texted you multiple times but evertime I sent you an e-mail you don't answer me back. I found out you may have my bad e-mail adress so can we communicate on this e-mail adress? klara.zakovaa@gmail.com
Thank you
Klára Žáková

Love them!

I had to get a new case because the original was misplaced. The sound is great. The charge holds for the full 12 hours! After a while they get a little uncomfortable. Could be my sensitive ears. But overall quality is great!

Air 1 plus

Seem like a good quality item good sound and fitment for price.

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - Pink Gold

High quality earphones

I love these! Definitely worth buying! The quality of the sound is amazing, it cancels outside rumors and the noise of wind, something which used to annoy me a lot with wired earphones. The battery lasted me all week and they charge really fast.


Sound, design and comfort are great! I love them!


I absolutely love my new Green Air 1 ANC and so does everyone else. Although I'm still getting used to the controls I really love the fact that they filter out the excess noise big seller for me. I about to order another color in a few weeks so look out for my order. LOVE THEM.

They’ve been pretty great so far

As stated above, they’ve been pretty great; however, this morning I’ve noticed what sounds like a choppy connection. I’m hoping that it’ll straighten out, as I haven’t had the issue until today. Overall though, I’ve enjoyed both the sound and microphone experience with them so far. 

la commande est rapide, le produit est conforme à la description

great so far!

Air 1 Plus Earbud - Black

Well received, fast delivery

Air 1 Plus In-Ear - Pink Gold

Air 1 - Go - Black

Perfect for the gym!

These wireless ear bud headphones are perfect for the gym. They stay in my ears without worrying about them falling out. I wish they were more noise canceling. That is the only negative comment I would give. Case is very nice and holds a charge for a long time. Definitely worth the money. Happy purchase!


Fantastic call quality

I was looking for a pair of ear buds that had decent sound, noise cancellation and good call quality but at a decent price. These ticked all the boxes, most people have told me they didn't notice a difference when I switched from phone to ear bud.

Plus being in Irekand I would have shopped a lot in the UK so I actually searched out a company in the EU for the 1st time, delivery took about a week but given covid / Brexit I was happy with that.

We've just ordered 2 more pairs, 1 for my husband another as a gift for my mother in law.

Air 1 ANC - Gold

I love these

These are perfection.


One of the plugs are not functioning. The LED is blinking fast and is not connecting to the Bluetooth in my phone.

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